Cuttlefish bone in traditional medicine and supply minerals for birds

Cuttlefish bone

The exploit season of squid from March to September, This period, the squid swim to near the shore to delivery. Mainly in April, May, June. In addition to cuttlefish bone, people also exploit squid of the big dead squid in the offshore, after that the waves and the wind blowing them on the shore. People collected them then dried and laundry them for preservation. At the present, Vietnam exports a lot of cuttlefish bone.


1. Treatment for patient

The scientific name of the squid is Sepia Esculenta Hoyle, Sepia Andreana Steen-Strup.

Effects of cuttlefish bone and dosage

According to the document, the squid is tempered. The effect of blood vessels, low welding past, hemostatic. Used to treat hemorrhoids, bloody nose, colic, eyes…

2. Currently cuttlefish bone is a drug used to treat the following diseases:

Cure hyperuricemia, gastric ulcer bleeding, labor cough, slow-growing children, women with haemorrhage.

3. Make medicine to cure people with blurred vision or cure ear drainage. (Cure ear drainage: cuttlefish bone 2g, thyme leaf 0.4g, small canopy, take clean cotton swab lightly puffed in the ear).

4. Using external, sprinkle the powder on the wound to stop bleeding.

Dosage: Take 4-8g daily as a powder or pill.

Do you know how to brush your teeth with Cuttlefish bone powder?

Cuttlefish bone contains many components Lipid, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. These ingredients will make plaque on the teeth, on the other hand, to make teeth stronger.

How to use: cuttlefish bone dried, ground into powder and put into a storage box. Whenever you brush your teeth, you can mix cuttlefish bone with toothpaste to clean your teeth every day.

1. For bird species

At present many bird handles we do not know how to use minerals for birds and also do not attach importance to it. That is a very wrong way of thinking.

Because the physical decline of each bird will depend on time and is often very slow, therefore, most bird handlers do not recognize it and do not know it is due to bird illness. Birds live outside nature, they eat a lot of food and adjust their own food. But when they live in captivity, no matter how hard it is for a bird farmer, it can not be compared to when it lives freely outside. This leads to a lack of nutrients in the bird’s daily diet.

Since 1817, French scholar Louis Vieillot has noticed that there are some birds in the house such as Garrulax canorus bird, Kanari Hemiprocnidae, Alaudidae bird … after a few years of children have fallen to death. Later, he learned that domestic birds were often deficient in micronutrients so that their health gradually deteriorated. At some point, they had a stroke due to heart failure, respiratory failure, mental disorders due to calcium deficiency. Later, Dr. PaulWalton of the Royal Scottish Bird Conservation Society affirmed that Louis Vieillot’s position was correct. As a result, people started to recommend the addition of micronutrients to birds in captivity in cages.

In Vietnam,
in the last few decades, many people have known about this. The first is the Salangane farmer. When supplemented with minerals, Salangane spawns regularly, baby Salangane is less dead, Salangane is stronger.

There are also nightingale fighters in Hanoi. Nightingale fight is a mineral that can be hard and tough because its skeleton is hard and stable so it is not afraid to collide. The bird sing when feeding the mineral will pulse physically should always call birds friend. It is a pity that people knows the use of minerals, but they kept secret not widely for everyone to know.

What are minerals for birds?

Minerals powder made from a number of compounds that contain the chemical elements necessary for the physiological bird life and their body. Each bird requires a mineral that fits its requirements. There are very simple as for cuckoo goldfish only need yellow soil plus a little Vitamin B1 that is enough. Some are complex as Kanari’s or Kanji’s, for example.

All birds kept in cages must be supplemented with minerals, if the mineral is lacking, the bird will shrimps, poorly reproduce and die.

1. The red soil of Ba Zan 30% (or can use red soil of Central Highlands from Buon Me Thuot, this land is rich in iron oxide, very necessary for the red blood cells of birds. In the North, there is red soil Luc Ngan also good but, it is not the same the Central Highlands soil and can be used. In the South, there is red soil Bien Hoa, it is nearly ratio of the Central Highlands).

2. Charcoal powder 25% (preferably charcoal power of Guava, should be avoided from The Neem charcoal and Erythrophleum Fordii as a toxin. The charcoal powder contains a large amount of sodium chloride. This element combined with Natri of table salt, link to Calci to create the structure of bone makes the bones firm.

3. Cuttlefish bone 20%. It is rich in calcium, the main constituent of bone tissue of birds.

In general, the ratio of minerals and nutrients to full feeding birds will provide many benefits for caged birds in the perennial. The combination of cuttlefish bone, charcoal powder or the red soil will make the bird healthier, add calcium and the birds will have less disease.

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