Fish meal cheap price in pig breeding in Viet Nam

The nutritional needs of domestic pigs are not high, so finding feed is easy even the fishmeal cheap price. In contrast, with high-yielding imported pig breeds, nutritional requirements are very high. So if they feed poorly, lack of nutritious pigs will grow poorly, reduced resistance, and costly pig feed…fishmeal cheap price

What kind of feed do you want to feed pigs?
Feeds needed to raise high-quality pigs include sugar powder, protein, vitamins, and fat. Diets that lack one or several of these substances over several days will adversely affect pig growth.

The starch sugar is needed in the pig’s diet
Starch sugar is essential for the growth of pigs. Pig diets that lack high levels of carbohydrates cannot provide enough heat. Which in turn leads to piglets often suffering from colds, body weakness… Poor feeding of carbohydrates will cause mastitis because the body does not assimilate protein to make milk.

Feeds in the Starch sugar group as Rice, Rice Plate, Yellow Corn, Cassava…

Effects of protein in pig’s diet
In the daily diet of pigs, protein plays a very important role indispensable. If the feed is lacking in protein, the cells of all the organs in the pig body will not be properly nourished and restored, resulting in a gradual decline in the body of the pig resulting in sickness and death. Protein supplied to the pigs daily contributes to bone, meat, skin, hair, blood, so that pigs grow well and gain weight quickly. The pig should be raised with two sources of protein: animal protein and vegetable protein.

Animal proteins are obtained from fish, meat in powder form, called the fish meal, meat meal, and powdered milk.

* Fishmeal: In the daily diet of pigs, fishmeal accounts for 5 to 8 percent.

Fish meal used to raise pigs is the fish meal, made from trash fish. After sun exposure or dried and then ground to powder. In fish meal contains 51,13% protein and many other nutrients. Including vitamins B2, should be considered as nutritional food to help pigs grow well. However, the fishmeal should not be allowed in too much quantity. Pigs should be raised with fresh fishmeal, fragrant. And a discarded fish meal that is too old to smell. In particular, porker will be coming out of the cage, we should stop feeding fish meal for several days to not smell fish meat.

Fish Meal cheap price in Ho Chi Minh City
Much of the high-quality fishmeal has a wide application in aquaculture and commercially. If raw material quality and processing conditions are strictly controlled. As the growth momentum, intensive aquaculture uses aquatic feeds that contain specialized fishmeal, known as high protein fish meal.

To increase protein in fish meal and to compete. There is some advantages feed has been improved metabolism by adding other fish rich-protein. So reduce the cost of feed. Is the best feed for fish-crustaceans, outstanding quality with high content high protein.

The addition of protein-rich fish meal to aquaculture feeds also has some differences, depending on the species, the stage of development of the species will correspond to the diet and nutrition components respectively. The inclusion rate, currently limited from a low of 5% in catfish feed to 60% in the marine fish feed.

Fish meal is commonly used as fertilizer (in organic nitrogen), mainly for making fish meal from seasonal fish sources. After processing the fertilizer, the remaining fish will be dried and ground into fish meal. raising livestock and poultry.

In the world,
About 90% of fishmeal cheap price made from fish such as maclerel, pilchard, capelin and Manhattan, counted, would be less than 10% better than white fish. After getting water and some oil, dried fish and grind into fish meal.

Trash fish is often used to make fish meal such as herring, sardines, snapper, yellowtail … scad or other by-products such as fish bones, fish blood, fish shells, fish belly and viscera. They contain a lot of nutrients.

Raw materials such as fresh fish for fishmeal cheap price must be kept safe and kept fresh for up to 30 days. Stringent requirements of the preservation and including by-products are required to minimize risks affecting the quality of fishmeal, nutrients in fishmeal and costs.

Lipids of fishmeal cheap price
Lipids in the fishmeal cheap price made from fish oil are 5-10%. Raw material contains 10% of oil, weighing when wet. Normally, many of these oils are available when squeezed, squeezed during processing.

There is also wholemeal fishmeal cheap price (up to 8% oil), pressed cake (10% oil) or dissolved, which is sold in concentrated or dry form. The liquid is pressed containing 13% oil and 6.5% suspended solids, most of the oil is removed by centrifugation before the solids are concentrated in the concentrated or dissolved form. Most fishmeal is “whole”, ie, powder that has a bit of moisture and some oil has been removed.

Fishmeal cheap price has a protein content of 55%.

It is the most valuable ingredient in fish feed and is also a major component in the diet of predators and shrimps. Fish meal has good taste and quality, providing enough protein with essential fatty acids. In terms of economics, it is the only source of protein in fish feed. You can find fishmeal cheap price supplier in Viet Nam, in Ho Chi Minh City.

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